Video: Algeria keeper Faouzi Chaouchi aims headbutt at referee

Posted by - January 29, 2010 - Football videos, International, Oddballs

The hidden pain of a stuttering penalty run-up

The African Cup of Nations semi-final between Algeria and Egypt descended into a bit of a crazed farce last night, not least because Algeria keeper Faouzi Chaouchi aimed a headbutt at the referee, possibly making slight contact.

Chaouchi received just a yellow card for the assault and had to nearly take off the legs of Egypt’s Mohamed Gedo later in the match to earn him the second yellow card and marching orders he had seemed so desperate to receive.

Paolo Di Canio’s probably thinking he plied his trade on the wrong continent.

  • hollis

    Rob, need I remind you that DiCanio won the FIFA fair play award in 2001?

    And he never pushed that ref. The ref did some wierd Qi-gong trick where he sucked DiCanio’s hands to his chest, then tripped over backwards. Or something like that.

  • human

    Algerian show themselves as an arrogant team. I would like everybody to review their dirty way of playing with all teams, and it reached the peak with the Egyptians. When they were defeated on their first game, they blamed the weather and the playground ?? are those mondialists !!!?. When defeated from Egypt, they have to blame also, it is the referee this time. They forgot that everything is documented and in slow motion on videos. And now they are defeated from Nigeria, whom they will blame..The will blame Codjia again because of his totally fair red cards that teaches new generations how to respect the rules of the game. Pushing the goalkeeper inside the six yards, kicking a player while trying to score, intentionally trying, leave about actually doing, to hurt the referee or the opponent, all these are violations that requires yellow and red cards. These are knowing for any new pie. They really are very bad team morally.

  • georges

    the Egyptians never win the games sporting, they are still using violence or corruption, they use violence in their homes in Cairo and they buy the referees bastards like them for a few dollars when playing outside ,since the installation of seat of the CAF in Cairo, the 2010 CAF angola is a disaster Egyptian corruption we saw the match cameroon, everything is clear with the referee, with Algeria have also seen the scenario of the referee, El Hadary when he told him to distribute the yellow card to the young Algerian defender, however it is only 1 minute 21 seconds of the clash of Egyptian goalkeeper and algerian defender that the referee has decided to impose the yellow card,another story after when el meteeb amd Halliche fell the referee whistled the penaly from the center of the stadium without knowing who is at fault, the penalty taker was hampered in his shot. something to do again, the referee dont’care ,he’s got dollars from egyptians, ofcourse you know the restof the match, the Algerians reacted with nerves, it is not normal because of football in Africa drived by some people who ignore pleasure of the game, the seat of the CAF work for profit of Egypt, but I am pleased that Egypt will not participate where people playing real football ,i mean the World Cup,,ivory coast,cameroon,algeria,nigeria,ghana they will play football in south africa but egypt will play football with their eyes in TV

  • georges

    the Egyptians will also win tomorrow against Ghana because the games are already done just in Cairo headquarters of the Confederation Cup africian,what’s a shem for ghana ,egypt they will win because they use to do it by corruption,if they play football ghana will win the cup but egyptian will corrupt the referee so no chance for ghana

  • Mostafa

    Georges how exactly is the egyptians paying the referee have anything to do with chaouchi headbutting the f’n referee, AND PLEASE TELL ME THAT HALLICHE SHOULDNT HAVE TAKEN A STRAIGHT RED AFTER HIS CHALLENGE, or nazir belhadj, or chaouchi kicking gedo, or the rest, yeah its a shame we won’t be in South Africa, but we did beat 4 out of the 5 teams who are going to be there, plus we took the championship, are you going to beat slovenia or even the USA let alone england, what championship are u going to take. you played like shit in cairo and sudan and you know it and basically i know what iam about to say is so lame but you have a really bad team, i hope you improve before the world cup or we’ll be seeing another 2002 saudi arabia fiasco and then will everyone be wondering wouldve egypt who beat italy and gave brazil a tough game done better ? to everyone who is wondering do they deserv to go to the WC