Video: Egypt’s Ahmed Hassan scores phantom goal against Cameroon

Posted by - January 26, 2010 - Football videos, International

African Cup of Nations now marred by lack of goal-line technology

The 2010 African Cup of Nations was never destined to go down as one of the great tournaments of all-time, but a dodgy phantom goal in a quarter-final match was the last thing it needed.

Egypt were leading Cameroon 2-1 in extra time when Ahmed Hassan took this free-kick. While Carlos Kameni’s goalkeeping technique is questionable, there is no doubt that he keeps the ball out as he palms it onto the angle of the crossbar.

The match officials saw the situation slightly differently though and awarded the goal. If this happens in a World Cup quarter-final, FIFA will be wishing they had not dithered on goal-line technology.

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  • englandsnumber6

    Fifa world cup officials will be world trained, the refs in the Africa cup are Armatures, although i think Fifa are letting some Southafrican officials loose on the world cup, god forbid. thats if the world cup actually goes ahead in S Africa, as there are reports of a European alternative as a back up if it goes pear shaped.

  • Condor

    The game needs video replay. Simple as that. I do not buy the argument of it tainting the sport or slowing it down. The 4th official (or a new ref) can instantly review the angles and inform the match ref of the call. Tennis does it quite well. NFL gets it right (but I do agree they take too long, but the NFL is a boring game anyway).
    But we all know Sepp Blatter isn’t worth his weight in dirt.