Video: Ghana sub plays with dummy

Posted by - January 31, 2010 - Football videos, International, Oddballs

Just how young are Ghana’s youngsters?

Egypt lifted the African Cup of Nations trophy earlier today after a drab 1-0 victory over Ghana. Apart from a classy finish from Mohamed Nagy Gedo for the winning goal, the only real highlight of the match was this strange incident.

One of Ghana’s substitutes seemed to have brought his dummy along to the match. All the pre-match talk had been of the young Ghana squad’s relative lack of experience, but this is taking things a bit too far!

  • Austin

    WOW. No wonder people want the African Cup of Nations to stop, especially big managers of football clubs who need these players at crucial times during the season. This video is absolutely ridiculous. The young african player literally is sucking on a pacifier during the championship match of the African Cup of Nations. This is not football! The pre-match talk had been of Ghana’s lack of experience for games like these and what a way to show how young Ghana’s players truly are. Why would you even be on a football pitch when cleary you do not care for you country or the result of the game. This type of thing shows the immaturity of footballers and what a disgrace to the game. To me this is something that should be dealt with right away and the player should be punished by club, country of FIFA.


    austin, sounds like you need a girlfriend.