Video: Inside Owen Coyle’s head, Trainspotting-style

Posted by - January 5, 2010 - Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Football videos, Oddballs

Choose Bolton with Owen


    ha, that’s quality.

    and yes, what a head-scratching move it is for owen coyle, bolton are shit!

  • Iiam

    I’m fucking sick of people slagging of Bolton wen u no fuck all about the club we get more fans than burnley better fucking team than burnley and unlike burnley will stay up it’s about time u give us some respect we r a prem side weather u care to admit it or not as for davies he is proberly the most honest hard worker in the prem he is not fucking fat and should not b criticised he may not score slot but he does the job he is asked to do and cum end of season wen we r still in prem I will laugh in your faces !!! It would b interesting to see who the creater of the vid supports either a glory hunting fuck who knows nothing about football or a bitter burnley fan I would guess at you may not like us but face it we r hear to stay