What if South Korean girl groups sang about famous footballers?

Posted by - January 5, 2010 - Football videos, Oddballs

Please don’t dive mister. That’s embarrassing mister.

Meet the internet-imagined reworking of South Korean girl group Kara. Each of the singers have a favourite footballer and they just love to fill their song with references to their ‘baller of choice, be that cute chubby Frank, Mr Spice Girls or another football superstar.

Thanks to Mof Gimmers for sending this our way.

  • http://yhfactor.com YH

    Kara. they’re Korean girl group :-)

  • Efreeti

    WTF? hahaha…is this for real? Subtiles seems like a joke to me. I cannot decide if its stupid or brilliant…probably both

  • Kim Jong Il

    They’re Korean you ignorant git.