Avram Grant was the Premier League manager who visited Thai brothel

Posted by - February 4, 2010 - Portsmouth

Portsmouth boss named as the secret massage fan

Portsmouth manager Avram Grant has been named by The Sun as the Premier League manager they claimed had been caught visiting a brothel last December. The tabloid had been banned from naming the manager involved because of a so-called “super-injunction”.

But in the wake of the injunction taken out by John Terry over his alleged affair being lifted, it seems they have revisited the case and got a more favourable outcome.

Internet chatrooms and forums had already been rife with speculation that Grant, married to Israeli actress Tzofit, was the manager involved. Forum posters living near the massage parlour in Horton Heath, Southampton, claimed to recognise the area from photos published at the time and said that the rumour that Grant was a customer was old news in those parts.

Grant could now be questioned by police about the allegations.