Carlo Ancelotti finds Match of the Day punditry a breath of fresh air

Posted by - February 17, 2010 - Chelsea, Oddballs

Chelsea boss sings praises of Beeb highlights institution

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has revealed he loves Match of the Day because it is less cynical than Italian football shows. It seems Ancelotti loves nothing better than kicking back to watch Gary Lineker roll out his latest puns, Alan Hansen and his ever-shrinking eyebrows reel off his diabolical defending speech, and… well, we are not quite sure what he sees in Mark Lawrenson.

The Chelsea boss said: “Highlights on Saturday night and a bit more on Sunday. In the studio, Gary Lineker with a couple of guests. No morbidness, nobody who shouts about conspiracies. Believe me, it’s a godsend.”

Is he gradually turning into Ron Manager?

  • ty

    The selective out of context quoting of the british media is always a joy, not!