Carlo Ancelotti’s dramatic U-turn on Chelsea players’ conduct

Posted by - February 19, 2010 - Chelsea, Oddballs

Ancelotti can’t decide if he cares who his soldiers go to bed with or not

“It doesn”t interest me with who my captain and my soldiers go to bed with. I only care about the ideas they wake up with in the morning.”
Carlo Ancelotti, February 17

“We are interested, me and the club, in protecting the image of this club. Not only the players and the manager, all the staff – the people who work in this club – have to protect that image… Now they know what they have to do and what behaviour is expected of them when they’re in a Chelsea shirt.”
Carlo Ancelotti, February 19

OTP’s theory is that Roman Abramovich politely told Carlo that, in fact, he did care who his soldiers are sleeping with.