Facebook event set up for Arsenal title hopes funeral

Posted by - February 1, 2010 - Arsenal, Oddballs

Are Gunners dead and buried?

After Arsenal’s defeat to Manchester United yesterday, cheeky Chelsea fans have set-up a Facebook event marking a funeral for the Gunners’ title ambitions. Unsurprisingly, the wake is to be held at Stamford Bridge next Sunday when the two sides meet.

Optimistic Gooners might suggest that the funeral plans should be put on hold until next week’s final whistle. So are their title hopes already dead or still on a life support machine?

  • tfg

    Arsenal have title hopes like Chelsea have class, respect or history… when you consider that their captain personifies all that they stand for, I think that no further comment is necessary.

  • http://Babcock.Umis.Com Tayo

    I dnt tnk i’d b a part of dis funeral thng.Nywy i tnk arsenal shd jst do wteva it takes 2get a win frm d chelsea game if dey stil wnt 2 contend.

  • arseman

    Did make me chuckle a bit……though I still hope we have the last laugh…

  • Dogless


    You probably would have porked her too, so don’t give it that!