Fans pay to abuse John Terry

Posted by - February 10, 2010 - Chelsea, Oddballs

What’s 25p when you can kick a man when he’s down?

A website that allows supporters to send fanmail messages direct to the players has revealed that it has blocked more than 160 abusive messages to John Terry. And the gloating fans have spent 25p per message trying to have a pop at the Chelsea skipper.

Contact The Players collates messages sent to them online and forwards them to the training ground of each club.

Adam Brown, from the site, said: ““We have very stringent filters to ensure that abusive messages don’t get through to the players. Thankfully the majority of the messages were from supporters wishing him well, and telling him to concentrate on his football and the future, and it’s only these ones that will be sent out to Mr Terry.”

No word on whether they’ll be offering refunds on the messages they didn’t deliver…