Let’s kick homophobia out of football… just not quite yet

Posted by - February 12, 2010 - Football videos, Hard Tackle

FA backs down on gay viral

It seems the FA commissioned this anti-homophobia advert, but have now backed down on its release. Although it claims that the project is merely on hold, some cynics are suggesting that the FA has found itself out of its depth and are quickly doggy paddling back to a safe heterosexual shore!

Another theory is that the viral was deemed to have made its point a bit too forcefully and has been shelved in favour of something a bit more positive. Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has been scathing in his criticism of both the advert itself and the mysterious non-release.

He said: “It has thrown the Football Association’s commitment to tackling homophobia into disarray. The video agreed by the FA and Kick It Out [anti-racism campaigners] features strong homophobic language. The main character, a youngish man, abuses a newspaper seller, tube train passenger and an office worker with anti-gay taunts.

“The video finishes with him shouting homophobic abuse at a football match. The captions make the point that since homophobia is not acceptable at work, it should not be acceptable on the terraces either.

“I wanted an MTV-style video, with an appealing, uplifting, positive message, featuring top players and a good music track. Sadly, the FA never seriously attempted to get top players to participate.”

Thanks to Daryl at The Offside for the tip.