More Premier League team-mate betrayal allegations

Posted by - February 25, 2010 - Premier League, Rumours

Premier League Wife Swap continues

A high-profile Premier League player could find himself at the centre of a fresh Premier League sex scandal if one of his team-mates continues to tell tales on him.

The England international’s private life is a preferred topic of conversation for his team-mate, who is currently out on loan elsewhere. He has not been shy about spreading rumours around his new club that the player in question has been conducting an affair with the wife of another team-mate.

Our source has the information on good authority, but the lack of any proof means we have had to adopt a 3am-style Wicked Whispers approach to the story, unfortunately!

  • Ches

    My prediction: O’Hara on Defoe.

  • Neil

    I thought of Jamie O hara as soon as I read it too!!!

  • Aleksy

    O’Hara was my first bet as well. But I though O’Hara on King, but it could be Defoe.
    I also though Joe Hart on Tevez, or anyone else at City/

  • Steve