Naked photos of Ashley Cole sent to model’s phone

Posted by - February 12, 2010 - Chelsea, Oddballs

Chelsea defender left with more explaining to do after another alleged mobile incident

Ashley Cole has had to go public with an explanation of how naked photos of him ending up being sent to a topless model. Several photos of the Chelsea and England left-back posing in the mirror of his room at England’s Hertfordshire hotel base were sent to 28-year-old Sonia Wild.

Sonia told The Sun: “At first I didn’t believe I was actually in touch with Ashley Cole. But next thing I knew I received a picture of him lying in bed on my phone.

“I recognised him straight away from the pictures I’d seen of him with his wife Cheryl – but couldn’t resist having a bit of fun. It was exciting getting a picture of a soccer star.

“I’d had a few glasses of wine and before long the texts got hotter and hotter until we began exchanging sexy images on our phones. Whoever it was sent one full frontal one of his muscly torso. He was posing in front of what looked like a posh hotel’s bathroom mirror. The texting and picture messaging went on for hours.

“I sent back video footage recorded on my phone of myself naked and doing sexy things for him. At the time it was a laugh and a bit of a thrill for me.”

Cole claims he took the photos on a pay-as-you-go mobile he was using, which he later gave away to a friend. But he forgot to delete the naked photos, the silly boy.

He said: “I can’t believe I gave a phone away that still had stuff in its memory. I thought I’d deleted it. It seems I was wrong as someone has used it to pretend to be me. I would laugh if my foot didn’t hurt so much.”

Sonia told how the texts began after she became friendly online with Jay Wynters, who Cole claims is the friend he gave his old phone to. He will just have to hope Cheryl sees it that way or a trip to Dubai could be on the cards.

  • englandsnumber6

    this just sums up Cole and his overpaid chelsea mates, they think they are untouchable. What a thick load of arseholes they really are. i hope his foot keeps him out of the world cup, and Terry breaks his leg and misses out too, and then England win the world cup without these two idiots.

  • Dave Macbeth

    Of course Ashley. We believe you.

  • Matt

    You’re joking yourself if you think England can win the World Cup without their two best defenders.

  • Angela Thomas

    Poor, poor Cheryl. What’s coming out of the woodwork next? There’s just so much you can do Simon to protect her…………………….

  • billy

    showing is true colours once again,first leaving Arsenal and until Cheryl leaves him she will have only herself to blame.

  • Petra Ka

    What next will come out with Ashley Cole he is showing his true blue colours Cheryl does not deserve this…….she is the most loved woman in Uk and he treats her lke this. Disgrace.

  • scott flaherty

    win the world cup, lets be realistic mate

  • Lauren

    I’d love to see those pics 🙂