Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 20-21 February

Posted by - February 22, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. David Moyes’ super subs did the trick against Manchester United.

2. Toffees fans who were disgruntled about their 5.45pm kick-off against Sporting Lisbon last week might be thankful if that’s the sort of European hangover an early start promotes.

3. If any made it to the end of Manchester City-Liverpool, please feel free to let us know the final score.

4. Gerrard and Torres’ joint-price tag probably dropped a bit on that display.

5. Like an old school manager who initially won’t let his players near a football at the start of pre-season, it is nice to see Theo Walcott is now feeling fit enough to incorporate a ball into some of his sprints.

6. Ashley Cole’s new nickname probably won’t catch on.

7. Danielle Lloyd must have thought she needed to move onto a new Spurs player at one stage on Saturday evening.

8. Klasnic v Kalinic: the dyslexic commentator’s worst nightmare since Rolando marked Ronaldo.

9. If you really think your player deserves to play for England, spell his name right.

10. Burnley are probably destined never to win away if conceding five goals is their way of holding onto a one-nil lead.

  • Joe

    3. I got some ironing done, cooked a meal and cleaned my bathroom during the second half and didn’t miss a thing! … it ended 0-0 btw! :)

    BTW, Wigan’s pitch is an absolute disgrace…yet they and Spurs were able to play a more exciting game on a pitch where it was nearly impossible to connect a pass on the ground.