Top five conclusions Inter Milan 2-1 Chelsea

Posted by - February 24, 2010 - Champions League, Chelsea, Conclusions, Italy

1. Diego Milito should contact Max Clifford. He is the latest to have done John Terry.

2. Sod’s law for Chelsea: Petr Cech gets what appears to be a serious knee injury in an innocuous looking fall, Hilario miskicks about six consecutive kicks and escapes unscathed.

3. Lucio was absolutely superb for Inter.

4. Chelsea definitely should have had a penalty for Walter Samuel’s trip on Salomon Kalou.

5. It is set up nicely for a cracker at Stamford Bridge. Both teams will be happy enough with that result.

  • roy

    1 According to Ancelotti, Cech’s injury is a calf injury, not knee.
    2 Hilliario’s ‘miskicks’ all seemed to go to a Chelsea player, so I’d call it a pass, not a miskick
    3 Lucio was/is an absolute diver(falls in Ronaldo’s and Drogba’s category)
    4 It was a great game to watch, and I’m sure the 2nd leg at the Bridge will be even better.

  • OmegaSupreme

    1) What an incredible atmosphere, we don’t see anything like that in England.
    2) Don’t often see the Drog come off second best
    3) Even though we’ve seen that from Lucio you can guarantee come the world cup some commentator, probably Townsend will trot out the old “Brazilians are skilful but suspect at the back”
    4) Kalou aint that bad ?
    5) Balotelli aint that crazy ?

  • Joe

    Lucio’s is a diving whiner, I’m glad Kalou gave him on in package.
    Ballack and Anelka could’ve been traded for a pair of old mules.
    How does Ballack play 90 minutes and Joe Cole doesn’t get on?
    Hopefully Chelsea’s intensity will be higher in the second leg.

  • Joe

    One thing does beg a question…how is Hilario Chelsea’s #2?? He’s never been an established starter anywhere…ever! Man U have 3 decent keepers yet Chelsea never replaced Cudicini with a back-up of any significant experience.

  • Jordan

    regardless of the kicks to malouda, it was definately a miskick
    balotelli would not stay on his feet, it is not fun to watch him.

  • Marek

    Sour Blues fans are very funny to listen to.
    Chelsea were beat, fair and square, and nothing but excuses are to be heard.

    The best excuse of which being:

    “Lucio absolutely dominated our attackers, made some good defensive plays to draw a foul when he was in trouble, and is now a horrible diver partly because he is South American” — Drogba enjoyed a massive dive in the first 3 minutes after Lucio cleanly DISMANTLED him near the sideline. But he’s no diver?

    Lucio SHUTDOWN the likes of Drogba, Malouda, and co., The man appeared to be a machine. I can’t wait to see what happens in the second leg, its a great matchup.

  • Joe


    I am not sour and thoroughly admit that Inter had a gameplan, stuck to it and got the result I think they wanted. As for Lucio, just like Drogba, he dives in situations where it may give him an advantage. Lucio played a good game but did take dives as did Drogba AND I might mention Milito who was rightly booked for it. I would say he did a good job shutting down Drogba. Any excuses I would make were Chelsea were unlucky to a) hit the crossbar and b) have a clear penalty turned down on Walter Samuel.