Video: Aaron Ramsey’s leg broken by Ryan Shawcross

Posted by - February 27, 2010 - Arsenal, Football videos, Stoke City

Arsenal youngster suffers horrific injury

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey suffered a suspected broken leg in Arsenal’s 1-3 victory over Stoke City. The Welsh youngster was caught late by Potters’ defender Ryan Shawcross as the duo went for a 50/50 ball leaving his leg in a sickening state.

The Stoke defender was sent-off for the tackle.

Arsene Wenger was understandably upset by the injury and drew comparisons with similar injuries to Eduardo and Abou Diaby. He said: “To see a young boy of 19 years old be injured like that – it’s just not acceptable. We will know how long he will be out later but he will be out for a long time.”

Most pundits seem reluctant to criticise Shawcross, who appeared to be close to tears following the incident.

The Stoke defender has since be called into Fabio Capello’s England squad to face Egypt on Wednesday.

Video spotted on 101GG

  • joe gamble


  • Ralph


    For crying out loud!

  • Donjohni

    Disgusting. Reactions say it all.. Disgusting.

  • Sevens7

    If you feel sorry for Aaron pray to God that will help if a lot of people will be praying for him God will help…

  • goonerboy

    Disgraceful tackle. Shawcross is a thug and is coached by a thug.

  • Gunner Bhoy 88

    I’m an arsenal fan . Hope
    Aarons gets better . yes it was a bad tackle but I feel for Shawcross as it was a big accident

  • http://facebook super scouser88

    goonerboy it was a 50/50 challange you cant call the lad a thug or he wudent walk off crying i feel for ramsey he is a great talent i feel bad for shawcross beacaue he genraly went for the ball

  • Terry Australia

    He only started crying when he got sent off! Twat was not bothered until then! All the best to Ramsey

  • Kishore

    check this out…apparently ramsey’s leg buckled even before shawcross got his challenge in…so reserve your judgement…

  • Kishore

    check this out…apparently ramsey’s leg buckled even before shawcross got his challenge in…so reserve your judgement…

  • Adolph Sweatmon

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  • amaan

    kiss whore……..u idiot……that picture was after the tackle had happened……………Go see the video……..I have a pic in which I look like kissing Cheryl Cole…..that does not mean I am really kissing her……its just the way its clicked……..

    and yes Shawcross is a thug he has done it before with francis jeffers with a tackle from behind and he did it again………….he is just a thug created by Tony Pulis….

  • rhitz

    well done amaan & firstly i feel for aaron coz he’s a great talent..feel sorry for him… u are a whore coz if that pic was aftr the tackle was done then how cum his leg is twisted & ryans both legs are going for the ball then…as for wenger he always make sout 2 much out of something..when patrick vierra’s horrendous tackles used 2 go then he just did’nt see it…he is a nutty proffesor…getting frustated after winning nothing for years!!!as for u get u’r ass kicked amaan!!!!!
    man utd rocks dude!!!!
    also bset part is atleast tony pulis did’nt create a cheat like arsene wenger created one like henry!!!!

  • zephraim mcguiness

    Reviewed the tapes in high def slow motion. It was an unfortunate incident. Shawcross did nothing wrong. They were equally at fault and Aaron came up on the short end.

  • Kishore

    amaan go suck your own dick…ur a stupid twat…wat u said makes no sense at all…if it had happened the other way round im sure arsene wenger wudn’t have seen it…how stupid can u be??…im not condoning such action…its juz an unfortunate thing to happen…its not like only arsenal legs are getting broken…u bunch of pussies…n amaan…ur d biggest pussy of all

  • 3 broken legs in 5 years

    That says it all, 3 broken legs in 5 years, thug football that is what it is, and this makes people think england have the best league in the world, a team that will win the world cup?? No way, when you have teams coached by pulis, mcleish, allardyce, who just want to “get stuck in”, “show who’s boss” and “stop football” it just stinks of thugs. Why call it football, just turn it into fight club 11 v 11. The team that breaks the most legs wins.

    If you are Messi or Aguero, does that make you want to play in England when the threat of breaking your leg by some thug more often than not makes you want to play??



  • baky

    Stupid!! where is the fair-play???????? I hope he is getting better…
    P.C: Only GALATASARAY!!!

  • Jon

    I really feel bad for Mr. Ramsey, and I hope that he makes a full and speedy recovery. It was really sad to see that happen, not only from lookin at Aaron, but the whole team looked so down about what had just happened. Even the Stoke players looked really upset about it. I am glad that Arsenal won, but I would have dealt with a tie if it meant Ramsey not being injured.

  • jonny depth

    i love ramsay his leg broken my heart broken

  • A broken leg every 1,504,800 mins mins

    If Messi and Aguero actually looked at it realistically, and saw that a leg is broken for every 2 and half MILLION minutes of football played by each footballer in the Premier league, they probably wouldn’t be worried.
    There is nothing worse than some idiot overreacting to a slightly mistimed, and non-malicious tackle to claim “thug football”. You are obviously a man who has never ever played or even watched a Sunday league, or even a northern league game.
    So the threat of breaking your “leg more often than not” is very wide of the mark.
    (760(total league games)*90(mins per game)*22(players on the pitch.)

    Just for some perspective,if a player has a 15 year career, and plays every game (60 a season) for the full 90 mins, they only play 81000 mins in their entire career. Therfore the average premier league player has to play for 278 YEARS before a leg break.

    Therfore my maths come to the conclusion that “3 broken legs in 5 years” is a retard.

  • A broken leg every 1,504,800 mins mins

    edit to the above ^^^

    “Every 1 and half million” not 2

  • If you play for the Gunners, you might as well break your own self before anyone else has the opportunity to…

    A broken leg every…whatever. To take this incidence and attempt to apply a mathematical probability equation is simply “retarded” first of all. And so are you. Players and fans alike do not look at the injury equation from that angle. It’s too intangible and abstract, and a pretty stupid statistic in the first place. Congratulations. The fact is that injuries are a part of the game. Believe me I have had broken ankles, a broken leg, a broken collar bone, and numerous other futbol injuries. Big deal. You take that risk when you elect to participate in the sport. The fact of the matter in this situation is that the tackle was aggregious. There is no place in the game for garbage like that. I understand that it was a 50/50 opportunity, but have some restraint lad. It was in the middle third of the field, against the run of play, and entirely unneccesary. Competiting to your best ability is one thing, but that tackle was simply unexcuseable. I’m sorry. Play the game competitively but clean and fair. Shawcross and Stoke City are historically physical, which is fine, but demonstrate some self-control. They call this game “the beautiful game” for a reason. Play it like that. Kudos to the Gunners for backing up their teammate in an obvious yet appropriate manner. Glad it didn’t turn into the Pistons/Pacers…

  • Kishore
  • Bo


  • Devin Olfers

    This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:

    I’m not crazy, but the voices in my head might be. 🙂