Video: Akon leads cheesy World Cup 2010 anthem

Posted by - February 4, 2010 - Arsenal, Chelsea, Football videos, International, Liverpool

This is Akon performing the official 2010 World Cup anthem Oh Africa with a little help from his friends Fernando Torres and Didier Drogba. The Liverpool and Chelsea striker blast football-sized paintballs onto a wall to create a mural of football’s elite.

Just a few of issues we have:

1. England’s flag is not the Union Jack. Perhaps they should break the news gently to the make-up artist.

2. We had heard altitude might be an issue at some of the World Cup venues, but even allowing for that there is a lot of mountain talk in that song.

3. Any South Africans hoping to see Andrey Arshavin sticking his tongue out at them will be severely disappointed!


Thanks to A Football Report for the tip.

  • Dogless

    Ok, two comments:

    1) That was absolutely fucking awful.

    2) I know that Capello doesn’t want the team to be involved in the song, but they couldn’t get two English players just for the video?

    Why should I get behind a terrible song that doesn’t even feature the team?

  • Zekky

    Wow. That gets a 10/10 on the crap scale.

  • Austin

    That was a great video! Ha ha. No really that was pretty awful, but I must say Torres and Drogba look like they are having a pretty good time kicking paintball size soccer balls into a wall to make a World Cup mural. Even Akon was like “Drogba, I should kick it this way?” The best part about the whole video is the mural at the end. They have Andrey Arshavin from Russia and Arsenal and they didn’t even qualify for the World Cup. Classic!

  • trey

    England’s flag is not the Union Jack. Perhaps they should break the news gently to the make-up artist.

    yeah about that… no one cares.

    UK or England, its the same shiite to most people.
    heck, most people cant even figure which ones are countries and which arent (scotland, wales, ireland, nortireland), all the more confusing when the ones that arent countries have a national team as well.

    We see that union jack from shirts from shitrags, so please forgive the world which doesnt give a fuck.

  • kathmcp

    Maybe that isn’t meant to represent England. Maybe it was in there for NZ – the union jack makes up part of their flag 😉

  • ćwiras


    there’s also the polish flag painted on one of the supporters. Which is funny as we (Poland) ended up second to last in our group… These guys responsible for that video ar totaly tupid and ignorant.

  • Chrissy Marie Rockwell

    when the US drew England in the World Cup (or the other way around whatever) ESPN in the US kept going WE GOT THE BRITS

    which made me want to stab people

  • Joe

    Not even an italian player on the mural! Its true we are only defending champs! They could of chosen Cannavaro or Gigi Buffon.. Horrible!

  • Joe

    How is there not an Italian player on the mural painting! We are defending champs! You could of put cannavaro or gigi buffon.. Wtv.. Italy is always disregarded!