Video: John Terry enjoys topless game of football with young boys

Posted by - February 16, 2010 - Chelsea, Football videos, Oddballs

Haven’t people got locked up in Dubai for less than that?

Having secured the forgiveness of his wife Toni following his alleged affair, John Terry turned his attention to more pressing matters as he joined in a kickabout at his hotel resort in Dubai.

The Chelsea skipper was quite literally head and shoulders above most of the players on the field. The teams consisted mainly of youngsters, although -as you can see – there was an orange man in yellow shorts who touched JT at every opportunity.

Sun journalist Andy Crick was also involved in the match. He said: “I stuck to it and at one point I gave him a nudge in the back to let him know I was there. But Terry gave me the slip to score the winner.”

Terry and his family returned to the UK last night.