10 reasons why England will win the World Cup‏

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Success in South Africa?

Much has been, and far more will be written about this summer’s highly-anticipated World Cup in South Africa. As the excitement grows, a well-covered topic will be the chances of success for our national side. Now, as is always the case when England are concerned, there’s a lot of folk out there, be they fans, pundits or journalists, who think that we have about as much chance as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest of bringing the trophy home for the first time in 44 years. However, I entirely disagree with anyone pooh-poohing our hopes, and here’s why…

1. Fabio Capello
The man doesn’t lose. And I get the impression that if he ever did, he would get so frustrated that he would be a nightmare to be around. He is the kind of bad loser who you would let win, rather than deal with the fall-out of defeat. His record speaks for itself: everywhere he’s been, he’s won a title. At Milan, Juventus, two stints at Real Madrid and Roma.

2. Wayne Rooney

Manchester’s favourite Scouser has stepped up massively this year. His tally of goals speaks for itself, and he has even learned to head a ball. So long as he stays fit, he will be a serious contender for the golden boot. And if we win it, he will be World Player of the Year.

3. Experience
Rio, Terry, Stevie G, Lampard etc. They’ve all been there and tasted the disappointment of penalty defeats and early exits. Top class players learn from this. Look at Italy in 2006 – they had players like Cannavaro, Nesta, Del Piero and Totti who’d all endured frustration in previous tournaments and then went on to win it.

4. The weather
Apparently, June in South Africa is relatively mild. So hopefully no concerns about Japanese humidity or (outrageous) German heat-waves. Good conditions that don’t play into the hands of our Latin rivals.

5. The players
Let’s not focus on the fact that our goalkeeper (whoever gets the nod) might not have everyone’s confidence. Let’s not worry about Ashley Cole’s touch-and-go injury concerns. Let’s focus on the fact that we have a world class spine. From our centre halves through to the front man, we’re dangerous.

6. The rivals
Argentina may have the unstoppable Lionel Messi, but he’s never been as good for the national side as he is for Barca. Plus their coach has something of a ‘loose cannon’ reputation. Brazil have been questioned under Dunga’s tenure. History tells us that Portugal’s Carlos Queiroz may be a great coach, but not as good a manager. Raymond Domenech of France picks his team based on their star signs, and has lost the confidence of public and players. Italy are in the middle of a major transitional period. The Germans haven’t had a ‘great side’ for years either. Fair enough Spain are alright, but we can take them.

7. Pace
Defenders hate it, and we’ve got bucket-loads. Rooney, Walcott, Lennon, Agbonlahor, Defoe – all have pace to burn. The rocket-heeled attackers at our disposal will make us a feared opponent.

8. Style
One of my favourite things about Capello is the way we seem to be playing in a more ‘English’ way than under previous regimes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not ‘kick and rush’, but there seems to be more hunger, more fight and more pride in our performances. The Dutch have technique, the Brazilians flair, the Argentineans cheat and the Germans don’t miss penalties. It is these things that make winners. We have unmatched determination and drive. If used correctly, a fearsome attribute. Think Terry Butcher, head bloodied and bandaged.

9. Lady Luck
She’s been a cruel mistress over the years, hasn’t she? Penalty shootout defeats, disallowed goals, horrible deflections. We’ve seen it all. At some point, she’ll smile on our Three Lions. That time is this summer.

10. Doing it for Becks
No one deserved a place on the plane to South Africa more than our talisman of well over a decade. True, he wouldn’t have started, but his crossing is still unrivalled and his set pieces are match winning. Cruelly struck down by a torn Achilles as he toiled away in Italy to earn the chance to be the only Englishman to appear in four World Cup finals, now the fit and able of our squad have even more motivation to bring back the trophy, dedicated to one of the greatest players this country has ever produced.

So there you go. If you’re not convinced now, you never will be. So often we play down our national team’s chances, so its about time we got firmly behind the lads. Altogther now: “Three Lions oooooooooon a shirt…”.

  • Joe

    Assuming Rooney stays fit and England bring a properly balanced squad (i.e. no 17-year olds that you weren’t going to play anyway) I see no reason why they won’t reach the semi-final stage…at that point of course so much is down to luck, refereeing, etc. that it’s folly to predict further.

  • bam!

    Indeed I personally don’t see them going past the semi’s (unless there’s some ridiculous luck for them ie: Brazil are knocked out by someone else in a freak earlier result etc etc). Even with a full strength squad I don’t see it happening myself…that said I think a semifinal result would be a good result for England overall, not a disappointment at all.

    Also with point #7, whilst England do have pace up front, their own defenders *achem*Terry & Rio*achem* hate pace too so if it’s a strength for England’s attack it is also a very big weakness at the back. Not to mention the general defensive weakness at right back & also left back (if Cole isn’t fit).

  • Dublin Kopite

    Lack of a decent number 1, John Terry out of form, Rio struggling to stay fit, lack of decent cover at CB if either Terry or Ferdinand unavailable, problems at both RB & LB, lack of quality cover for Rooney, still no-one decent on the left side of midfield, best right sided midfielder injured, Gerrard having his worst season ever and the fact Spain are a much better team… 10 reasons why they won’t win the World Cup

  • David Hardy

    Dublin – shall we just not bother then?

    Christ. Should have put an 11th: “If all else fails then go for blind optimism”.

  • Joe

    Legit concerns Dublin, but most teams haven’t won the WC in picture perfect fashion from start to finish. There are always pitfalls along the way. This is why picking the correct 22 players is so important…things WILL go wrong, if Capello picks the 22 that can adapt to injuries, accumulated yellows, the varied tactics of opponents then England will be fine.

  • no mates

    I think you’ll find that anyone non-english reading this would probably suggest that…

    6. The Rivals.
    Lampard and Gerrard are never as good for the national side as they are for their clubs. England haven’t had a ‘great side’ for years; they didn’t even qualify for the last major tournament.

    8. Style.
    If you believe that ‘determination’ and ‘drive’ will overcome ‘technique’ and ‘flair’ then why aren’t Stoke City top of the Premiership?

  • meh

    “Fair enough Spain are alright, but we can take them.”

    pppppfffttt… we can take them heh yeah wow that’s very logical and reasonable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-Bailey/879740166 Matthew Bailey

    The thing I like about Capello’s England is that when they get beat, it’s because they’re simply not good enough. There’s no “the ref was an arsehole”, “we never win penalty shoot-outs” or “if it wasn’t for xxx getting sent off…” Cue the papers saying how we woz robbed and Englund iz best, yet still want the head of the manager on a plate.

    Humility. It’s what we’ve needed for years. Probably why Murray never wins owt decent, whereas Button and Hamilton get rewarded. Also, cf: Becks. He’s a model of humility – not entirely by accident.

  • Joe

    Meh, the US beat Spain at the Confederations Cup. Point being, the Spanish are beatable. It certainly won’t be easy but they’re not invincible.

  • Andre

    “Fair enough Spain are alright, but we can take them.”

    England did take on Spain, lost both encounters. There is a lot more to Argentina than Lionel Messi and would be wise to heed those words. Brasil is Brasil. Only a fool would underestimate them. Germany and Italy have a knack of showing up, never quite understood it myself but they show up. Yeah one can ignore France for now. Gerrard and Lampard hasn’t played well for England in years so I highly doubt it would work now. Terry and Ferdinand hate quick, skillful forwards and your wingers are inexperience at international level since Beck’s gone and crock his leg.

    With that said, yeah England have a potential semi final appearance in them. Once they reach there, all bets are off.

  • Jose

    “…the Argentineans cheat”
    Honestly the days of Argentina flopping have been over before Messi ever stepped on the pitch. Argentina is not the best team out their and they have a slight history but the fact being that the wins the’ve produced are legitimate. Your overbearing confidence is misplaced. England has lost to Spain twice already and did not make the last major tournament.

  • bosterazo

    Argentina cheats? Are you serious? A bit bitter are we?

    And anyways, who does this clown think he is writing this biased, fictional, and unsounded list of garbage?

  • stacy

    you do know its winter in south america in june right?

  • Mati

    this is the most outrageous / comical excuse of an article i have ever read. LITERALY!

    1-when capello tried to add some modernisation into the national team, they couldnt handle the 4-51 and he had to revert to the holly 4-4-2 they can’t seem to live without (or win with!)
    2-rooney, i have never loved an english player before you, but you’re alone in this one
    3-ye, experience…and bad press! a team of audelterers is the perfect recipe for english press. one which doesn’t know how to serve their team! either blow or destroy them
    4-beautiful…its winter in south america too! and didnt brazil win the confed’s last year?
    5-most are over-rated (barry anyone?) the rest can’t plau together
    6-a champion always looks at himself before is rival…except for benitez, but thats a long story
    7-walcott wont be picked, lennon might not make it, gaby is a reserve, and will defore start?
    8-FINALLY! cant deny this one, i saw it with my own eyes in the ukraine game
    9-after all that self-BJ-ing, you have the cheek to say “lady luck”? deep!
    10-not for the queen? ok ok, he deserves something after all…uh, i mean she 😛

    wake up england! you can win this world cup, but only when you get real and stop hyping yourselves to failure!

  • Leonard

    Lol….England are not going to win. They have qulity, but not determination, Brasil have 5 championships because they have heart. They crave it. Brasil’s national leagues really are not the best, Brazilians go play in Europe and then bring the Cup home. England do not have that determination. Rather obviously, as players like Wayne Bridge backing out over such trivial issues. He is retarded and is a perfect showpiece as to the motivation England has for the World Cup. They will get into the knockout stages…only to be knocked out. Spain has the most solid chances, the little “we can take em” comment was ammusing lol….but no. England vs Spain is a no brainer. A more balanced contest would be Spain @ Brasil.

  • marcus

    you have to be kidding…right? lady luck? cheaters?you talk about your attackers having pace but what about your defenders? terry, ferdinand (if he makes the side) aren’t exactly usain bolt calibre…and what about your left and right backs…the quickest defender is cole and he’s a doubt so that means most likely lescott would play…and he’s not the quickest there either. The midfield plays as a unit sporadically..the problems you have had regarding a left footed winger seems to be solved with young but the right is a problem still.problematic.capello has to choose between lennon and cole and quite frankly neither can be said to be in particulalrly best of form and wright phillips is just too inconsistent. Up front, what’s the best pairing?rooney and who? i seriously doubt capello is going to leave him on his own to forage for all those games..and if God forbids something happens to Rooney..well kiss your chances good byeYou should just accept the fact that the quarter finals maybe semi finals is as far as this team would make it depending on the draw in the second round

  • Man_Unisghted

    1. Fabio Capello – tend to agree finally a coach worth respecting – the english press are the reason why the English players fail – only in England do they search so hard to find fault with the same people they need to support – Cappello is respected and if at the last minute he tells the players he has faith – they WILL BELIEVE

    2. Wayne Rooney – Plain and simple – ENGLAND WILL NOT win the WC without him – pray he is not injured

    3. Experience – I think this is the strongest point – so many players have played CL and tuff international games – the main core of players are at the right age too.

    4. The weather – this wont have much of a bearing

    5. The players – there are some good ones and some ordinary ones, but overall having the depth they have is quite an asset, imagine lampard suspended – then throw in Gerrard, there is a lot of depth to the england team – keeping being the only exception

    6. The rivals – you will need some luck and you have already part got it, an easy group stage and a likely eeven easiier first game out of the group stage – but Brazil – Germany – Italy and most importantly SPAIN wont be easy to beat, England must avoid Spain at all costs.

    7. Pace – in attack yes – but not in defence – pace alone does not win WC’s pace is often relevant when taking a player by surprise – players dont EVER switch off at a world cup..it wont be as relevant as is stated.

    8. Style – if only the English teams would play the way they play week in week out – they are getting closer…no team could handle that tempo…but come the WC and watch England play chess instead of intense football – why play a different style to what you are used to – most English players PLAY IN THE EPL – so they all know the tempo…its a jokee to try and play any other way

    9. Lady Luck – sure you are due – but so are a lot of other teams…look at poor Australia for an example.

    10. Doing it for Becks – personally think becks is very underated player – but the team aint going to give a damn about him – they are far to self centered – and so they should be.

    Good luck England have you ever had a better chance than this – lets just hope you dont have to play Spain and you are a chance.

  • Soodle

    England have a pretty balanced team with a few players who can turn a game (Rooney, lennon, Gerard). spain look great but often great teams have a bad championships and go out – like saying a boxer is unbeatable. If England get on a good run of form and with a bit of luck they have a chance (perhaps not the favourits) but a chance of winning the cup. As per usual the miserable english press and public would rather pull the team down. Everyone wrote us off before 1990 and we were unlucky to loose on pens – the same in 1996 -England no chance apparently. Anything can happen in sport and if Denmark and Greece can win the nEuro champs I’m sure it’s not impossible for an in form England to win the cup. If there’s one thing Capello will give them it’s confidence and bags of it.

  • marcus

    plain and simple england has a few problems that they need to sort out:
    who”s the keeper? i think capello has to go with james…joe hart is just too big a risk even though he may be the better choice…james has the experience which really doesn’t say much when it comes to david james.
    your left and right backs…lescott?vs baines?either one gives up pace…so any decent winger will cash in on the left…the right back situatiion is of greater concern…since terry and ferdinand already lack any pace..they need the wing backs to provide them wit some cover from crosses from the flanks..
    the right wing? cole?wright phillips?lennon? hard to choose…s.w.p hardly plays…cole is still recovering from injury and lennon if injured is a doubt
    the forwards….assuming rooney is fit and has recovered…do u play him as a lone striker? or with crouch? or do u go for the rooney/defoe combination…if rooney does get injured ..who’s the back up?certainly not owen…these too me are the main issues that capello needs to address…the style aspect isnt that important is it?does anyone care how they win as long as they win?

  • Edwin Riwa

    The problem with English football is that , English media have always ovearated an average England team for over a decade now. What ammazing me is that Engaland has only three or four players who are really world class players, the rest of squad is made up of average players who could hardly play for a well established national side like Brazil, or Spain. It is high time now for English media to try to give or provide constructive ideas on how to have a good national team rather than give it a favourate tag once there is a mojar footbal event. They should not forget that in England did not participarte in Euro 2008 , suprisingly after two years the sam players are now being considered to lift the world cup 2010 , what a joke.

  • stephen

    I think south korea will win the world cup, with flair courage and determination.
    England look like a sunday pub team

  • http://soccerupdated.com Lenny

    I hope England qualify. They are leading by a goal from a Milner goal now. Go England!

  • Bill

    Typical English arrogance.