Did Jon Venables breach his licence by watching Everton?

Posted by - March 5, 2010 - Everton, Oddballs

Claims that Goodison Park trips but child killer back behind bars

James Bulger’s murderer Jon Venables was sent back to prison for making forbidden trips to watch Everton, according to claims in The Sun today. Venables was given a new identity when he was released and given several conditions under his licence, including that he must not visit the Merseyside area without special permission.

But The Sun alleges Venables regularly returned to Liverpool to watch Everton and for nights out, often donning a Toffees replica shirt for his trips.

  • Kelvin McKenzie

    You imagine that this isn’t true. It looks clear that a crime has been committed hence the powers that be keeping the details of his license breech out of the public domain even though he is now 27.

    This is a sickening dig at merseyside from the sun. And one which stupid liverpool fans will enjoy. The whole story really is very sick indeed.

  • Paul Daly

    This cunt isn’t a Bluenose.

    More lies from The Sun, I’m afraid.

    Getting quite used to this now, aren’t you lads?

  • Ian

    Fucking Sun will say anything it can to have a go at people living in Liverpool. Funny isn’t it; we won’t but the skum, but we’re happy to pay £50 a month for Sky. Go fcuk your self Rupert ‘I hate scousers’ Murdoch, the Sun, the NoW, the Times, Fox News and Sky – Knowsley isn’t in Liverpool and printing your filth on our doorstep won’t make us forget.

  • paul

    I hate to say this boys but I can confirm that his dad is a big evertonian, so this could be accurate, sorry lads.

  • Fergus

    I don’t see why it is so unbelieveable. He could very well be an everton fan.And he was barred from returning to the city. He committed a horrible crime when he was ten years of age. Unless he has committed another crime I think people should leave him alone. None of us are the same people we were when we were ten. And if that is the real Kelvin McKenzie commenting above he does have a bit of cheek. Of all people to talk about “sickening digs at Liverpool”!

  • jill

    I think you are all missing the point, Jamie Bulger will never have the chance to attend afootball match anywhere. That opportunity was denied him by Venalbles and Thompson.

  • jill

    Sorry about the mistakes, its stiil a very emotive subject for me, even though I have no connection with Liverpool or the family.

  • scouser

    breaching his bail for watching everton what a load of shit, i can see him going back if he wacthed liverpool and listened to the greasy spaniard talikng a load of rubbish

  • the snitch

    Jon Venable new name is Richard Smythe

  • db

    how do you know tgis is his name

  • db

    is richard smythe his new name and if it is how do you know? do you know what prison he is in or were he lived?

  • Pete

    People who can’t articulate without using profanity deserve to go unheard!

  • Neal Gillies

    Venables was from Walton so every chance he was an evertonian.

  • Matt Johnson

    His new name is not Richard Smythe the first name is correct but the second name is not. Im not going to say, His recall to prison crime is not child porn either.
    Its extremely sad that a little boy was killed by these two monsters, but i cant help but feel that they were only 10 years old when they did this children themselves and who knows what they were presented with as children to make them commit the horrific crime that they did. Im not sticking up for them. When a adult commits a crime like this they do there time get out and can lead a normal ish life, when these two children did this people wanted them killed.

  • Jono Keane

    Actually Venables supporter Liverpool FC, It was was Thompson who was an Everton fan. So that article is utter tripe.

  • informed

    I’ve been told Venables has been living in Hull North up until his recent arrest. Apparently he was taken to Hull Prison. I doubt he is still there though.
    The crime was not for child pron, but it was found on his computer when his flat was turned over.
    I’d like to see the evil cnut die, very slowly. He does not deserve a second chance, nor does he deserve anonimity – he deserves to rot in hell. He will not be “rehabilitated” while in prison. His mindset will not alter. He will always remain a threat while he is walking amongst civilisation.
    Jack Straw has just announced his court hearing will not be in secret. Therefore I reckon Venables has a very limited amount of time left on this earth. If nobody gets to him while he’s outside, they’ll get to him if he goes back to prison. Too many people want this oxygen waster removed from existence.