‘Do Are Ya? John Terry’s cocky mohawk

Posted by - March 1, 2010 - 'Do Are Ya?, Chelsea

Panto villain gets a trim

Can a haircut be arrogant? Well, this one was. John Terry has been the centre of tabloid attention for weeks (Ashley Cole’s alleged indiscretions aside). The big clash with Manchester City and Wayne Bridge was always destined for intense media scrutiny, but was also potentially the beginning of the end for the story in the short-term.

With all that in mind, you would have thought the eye-catching and extrovert new barnet could have waited until Monday. But no, the Chelsea skipper turned up to his reunion with Bridge sporting a new mohawk. Classy.

  • Dublin Kopite

    John Terry – the man who puts the “cock” in cockney

  • Joe

    Although my respect for Terry has plummetted over recent weeks, I think his haircut is pretty pedestrian in the grand scheme of this whole affair.

  • http://www.myoffside.com/ Ryan

    The guy lives in his own little world where he is king and can do no wrong, however in the real world he is just a delusional prick