Everton VIP kicked out of Manchester City for chanting at Garry Cook

Posted by - March 26, 2010 - Everton, Manchester City, Oddballs

City board not particularly thick-skinned

The bad tempers on the touchline in Wednesday night’s clash between Manchester City and Everton spilled into the directors’ box. City’s executive chairman Garry Cook is alleged to have had a guest of Everton’s board and his wife thrown out of Eastlands at the end of the match.

The ejected VIP was reported to be property developer George Downing, who allegedly upset Cook by chanting “2-0 and we’ve spent f*** all” during the match and goading the former Nike marketing man.

Everton are now seeking an apology from City. Spokesman Ian Ross said: “I can confirm we have written to Mr Cook to ask for his observations.”

  • Bob Hoskins

    It’s about time Cook did something right.

  • Jason

    This is why my Everton born mother chose to support Liverpool, Everton have no class what so ever and their fans are just as pathetic as Arsenal fans. Pathetic Runts and their Afro following are the worst of the bunch.

    Gary Cooke should have lumped the guy, Everton can go beep themselves.

  • Andy

    I must admit, I’m loving these sour grapes

  • Hayden

    ha ha ha bitter City fans. Can we play you everyweek? Thanks for the £24m and six points 🙂

  • bloggs

    After classless Cook spent the summer telling the newspapers how much Lescott would be paid per week when he moved to City, it couldn’t happen to a nicer man. What an arrogant idiotic prick.

    And as for Mancini and his dildo scarf, Moyes wouldn’t need to hit him twice.

    Altogether now. How much did we spend City? How much?

  • bloggs

    @ Jason
    No Jason, your Everton born mother chose to support Liverpool because she had you, and thought she’d better get used to life among losers….

  • philo

    well its all about class is it,a multi millionaire sat in the posh seats swearing and singing at cook infront of is wife and every other ones wifes,he deserved to be booted out.and as for everton asking cook for is observations on the matter i hope they punish the buffoon.

  • Dogless

    I really don’t care about either team, I just take issue with the way the post is written.

    Who got thrown out? A guest of the Everton board who was also a guest of Gary’s wife? A guest of the Everton board and the guest’s wife? Or was both a guest of the Everton board as well as Gary’s wife, who got kicked out?

    I know the answer at this point, but it took me a few reads to try and work it out.

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  • Steve

    This comes down to context, which none of us know, you can give someone a ‘gentle ribbing’ and it be an utter petulant overreaction to kick someone out because of it. Likewise if this guy is getting aggressive and showing up the Everton board up then its entirely appropriate he’s kicked out – wouldve been better if someone had a quiet word with those officially representing Everton and ask them to gt him to leave of course. Thats the way things ‘are done’ at that level.

    Irrespective of that though it amuses me to see the nouveau rich chavs at City accussing others of classlessness. I know educated, balanced, City fans who aren’t duped by the presence of the Sheikhs billions. They know that the day will come in the next few seasons when he packs the camels up and leaves them with his little Marketing campaign completed. Thousands of ‘new’ City fans will wonder why the rest of the Prem laughs at them at that time. Just a few will know why!. For those few I feel genuine sympathy.

  • http://newsnow kevo

    like most poor boys made good they will never have any class and that everton fool certainly had none – does not know how to behave and never will- probably nicked the ashtrays as well – nice that his wife got some time off from the sauna though