Five things that worked well with white cuffs

Posted by - March 3, 2010 - England, Kitman, Lists

England’s classy cuffs

England’s new away kit gets its first run-out against Egypt this evening. Since it features white cuffs which were last seen on the national team’s away shirt… erm, never, Off The Post set about discovering the true inspiration behind the new design investigating who has had success with this look in the past.

1. Santa Claus
Saint Nick was rocking the red shirt with white cuff combo long before England. Whether his figure would complement the sharp tailoring of the new England away shirt is debatable, but if it is good enough for Wayne Rooney then why not?

2. Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen
Umbro designer Aitor Throup has obviously taken inspiration from the legendary TV interior designer for the new kit. The ex-Changing Rooms guru is famed for his flamboyant contrasting white cuffs. The new England away shirt does shy away from the use of lace though. Pity.

3. Bankers who think they’re tennis players
No self-respecting executive on the hunt for a promotion would dare hit the court with the boss without the aid of two comedy white sweatbands on his wrists. The look will preferably be topped off with a giant sweatband around the forehead.

4. Playboy bunnies
We cannot confirm whether designer Aitor Throup has spent much time with Hugh Hefner, but the similarities between the two designs really are uncanny and go beyond the white cuff connections. Both feature a closely tailored design allowing the wearer plenty of freedom to move around. And both necklines are cut lower than the throat to give the wearer plenty of breathing space. Again, Umbro’s design is inspired by this look rather than being derivative of it. What does that mean? No fluffy tail, I’m afraid.

5. Shergar
A sporting legend who opted for white cuffs on all four of his limbs. In his case they were socks, of course, but you get the picture. The infamous racehorse has been missing since being stolen by masked gunmen in 1983. A world class sports star of Irish heritage who trained to his peak in England… perhaps this look will suit Wayne Rooney after all!

  • Joe

    I’m not really a huge fan, I think it WILL be vaguely Santa-esque.