Greedy David Moyes loses count of Everton’s goals

Posted by - March 8, 2010 - Everton, Hull City, Oddballs

Toffees boss awards his side an extra goal

Everton manager David Moyes caused some sniggering in the post-match press conference when it emerged he had last track of the score during his side’s thrashing of Hull City. In fact, Moyes needed a bit of convincing that the game had finished at 5-1 and not 6-1 as he had thought.

He said: He said: “We played some really good football, and to score six was terrific. Was it six or five? Six, aye. One of the radio boys mentioned 5-1 in a question, and I was wondering whether to correct him. It was five? Oh, I’m glad I didn’t say anything to him, then!”

Perhaps Moyes was counting Yakubu’s poorly taken penalty.