Irony Corner: Blackburn boss Sam Allardyce substitutes David Dunn to avoid ‘naughty tackles’

Posted by - March 25, 2010 - Birmingham, Blackburn Rovers

The hunter become the hunted

In a bizarre turnaround of footballing philosophies, Sam Allardyce has revealed he withdrew match-winner David Dunn from last night’s game against Birmingham City because he was concerned about the rough treatment he was receiving from the opposition.

Allardyce, famed for building his teams around 5ft 5in shrinking violets, seemed to adopt an Arsene Wenger persona to moan about the tackles flying in on his player.

He said: “He (Dunn) got severely treated right towards the end there with some quite naughty tackles, one from Stephen Carr, the other from Barry Ferguson, so we whipped him straight off as quick as we could.

“We’ll see what he is like tomorrow and take it from there. But we won’t risk him, even though he scored two today.”

What next? Tony Pulis groaning about teams that over-rely on set-pieces?