Is the South African Tourism Board deliberately opening old wounds for the Republic of Ireland?

Posted by - March 10, 2010 - Football videos, International

No, it’s not possible

OTP cannot say for certain what the good people of the Republic of Ireland did to offend the South African Tourism Board, but we do know that this retaliation is a little close to the bone. In case South Africa was in hibernation at the time, Ireland failed to qualify for this summer’s tournament under pretty controversial circumstances.

The wisdom of their new tourism advert has to be questioned then. The basic storyline seems to be that an Irish bloke is travelling to South Africa and decides to take in some World Cup action. And the tagline? It’s possible. Erm, no it’s not (just ask, Sepp).

  • martin

    Hahaha I noticed this the other day as well, i love the way you can see him ever so slightly wincing as he celebrates when south africa scores

  • COYS

    fairly funny ad. shocking attempt at an irish accent though, sounds like a ridiculous leprechaun voice!

  • Al

    That’s not nec. WC action, could’ve been Confed cup. The thing which I don’t like is them promoting foreigners blowing those bleedin’ plastic horns!