Jimmy Bullard scraps in a public park with Nick Barmby

Posted by - March 12, 2010 - Hull City

Eye of the Tigers

When he is not washing his hair, Jimmy Bullard loves going for a stroll in the park to fight with his team-mates. At least that is what he was up to yesterday, when he and Nick Barmby dodged the dog poo to scrap it out.

A witness told The Sun: “The lads were training on a local park when Barmby had a go at Bullard, calling him lazy. Bullard rolled up his sleeves and said ‘Let’s have it out then’.

“Barmby said ‘Don’t be so silly, grow up’. But Bullard pushed him and it all kicked off before the other players split them.”

I don’t know why Bullard’s so offended by being called lazy when he has already told us he can’t be bothered to take two bottles to the shower.