Kitman: David Beckham loves United, hates Glazer

Posted by - March 11, 2010 - Champions League, Italy, Kitman, Manchester United

Goldenballs dons gold-and-green

After the disgraceful hostile reaction to his arrival on the pitch last night, David Beckham (ever the populist) sought to win back over those seething Manchester United supporters by wearing a green-and-gold Love United, Hate Glazer scarf at full-time.

They just don’t like you, David, and they can see straight through your publicity stunts. Now get over it…

  • Matty Dub

    Just SKy Sports News reporting the “standing ovation” then??

  • Joe

    I saw the match on television so granted I don’t have the best perspective. But when he came on it sounded like an ovation. However, whenever he got the ball it sounded like boos. I was a bit confused by it to be honest.

  • Owen

    Are you crazy, Becks got a standing ovation when he came on and when he left the field, people were just messing when he got the ball!

    One of the stupidest posts ive ever seen, I know this wont make the page but come on…

  • Rob Parker

    Irony detectors to the ‘on’ position, gents!

  • Rob

    Could someone remind me of the last time he made the headlines for something he actually did in a game.