Manchester City’s Jo is a noisy neighbour in Turkey

Posted by - March 18, 2010 - Everton, Manchester City, Oddballs

Galatasaray loanee’s late night parties upset residents

Galatasaray striker Jo is in trouble with the police after his neighbours complained about his late night rowdiness. The Brazilian player, on-loan from Manchester City, was the subject of a residents’ meeting at which it was unanimously decided to report him to the police for his partying habits.

Neighbours claim the ex-Everton player’s apartment is occupied by around 15 people at least five nights a week, and that the group party loudly until 5am. They claim there has been a party at the player’s apartment almost every night since he arrived in Turkey. Pretty impressive, even by bad boy Brazilian footballer standards.

Next door neighbour Faruk Kocabaş said (via a slightly dodgy Google Translation): “It starts the evening to the party. Under the influence of alcohol at night, I think you know the sound of a forest or river, or just like to announce such a shouting and screaming you’re out of the bed. We are circulating from room to room until morning, our ears are clicked cotton. At least 10 to 15 people gathered, and this week is almost 5-6 times.”

Another neighbour claimed the constant sound of women’s voices, laughing and people running was affecting his health and forced him to move into his mother’s house for a week.

Jo has reportedly been warned by the police several times since arriving in Turkey in January, but he and his unofficial flatmates continue to party.

Thanks to OTP reader Ulaş Gürşat for the tip. Via HTSpor

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    Here’s a man who obviously cares about his football. Let’s hope CIty can offload this waster asap.

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