Manchester United worker sacked for wearing anti-Glazer scarf

Posted by - March 16, 2010 - Manchester United

Green and gold til you’re on the dole

A student has been sacked from his job in a Manchester United kiosk for wearing a green-and-gold scarf, he claims. Jerry Vyse, aged 20, alleges he was dismissed by his supervisor during half-time at last week’s Champions League clash with AC Milan for wearing the anti-Glazer accessory.

He says supporters waiting for their half-time pie booed when the supervisor put the queue on hold and asked him to leave the kiosk.

Vyse, pictured above, told the University of Manchester website: “I turned to the supervisor and asked him why I could not continue doing my job. He said it was not because I was wearing a scarf because, if it had been a different colour, he would not have minded.

“MUFC will no doubt state that the decision was based on uniform policy – what he told me surely refutes that. He said it was because it was ‘anti-Glazer’. Does it not sniff a little bit like a dictatorship if not even the smallest of dissents can be made about an incredibly rich man who has more or less taken over the club?”

As the student wisely predicted, United have claimed the sacking was because he refused to comply with uniform requirements.

  • Joe

    I have no opinion on Glazer one way or another as I’m not properly acquainted with the facts. However, should anyone really surprised to be sacked under such circumstances???

  • Rob

    Typical Southern rag muppet.