Millwall season ticket-holder struggles to grasp the concept of season tickets

Posted by - March 10, 2010 - League One, Oddballs

Probably the funniest (and most infuriating) thing you will read today

Doing the rounds on football forums today is this bizarre thread from Millwall forum House of Fun. The poor guy in question – now ridiculed across the internet – has been to buy tickets for the League One clash with Charlton.

He has seemingly got into a row with the girl selling the tickets because his usual seat has already been sold. The trouble is, the bloke has already said he is a season ticket-holder. It takes approximately six forum pages for some very patient forum posters to get the penny to drop that the ticket office can’t sell him a ticket for a seat he has already bought.

In the end, he settled for seats elsewhere in the grounds, so he is out of pocket as well as a laughing stock!


  • Graham Maynard

    Yes but the thing people dont appreciate is that the guy is quite right. At Millwall there is no allocated seating and this applies not only to punters booking on the day etc but to season ticket holders. What happens is you literally turn up and you might find that the block your ticket refers to even is full up and then you have to go to another block, season ticket or no season ticket. I kid you not…it is true.

  • CAFC

    Shut up you Millwall mug!

  • Thomas Cox

    Come on guys there’s no need for that.. I’m a really passionate and sensitive Millwall fan and have Neil Harris posters all over Millwall .. sorry.. my wall. Can you tell how much i love my club ?

    there really is no need for that aggressive behaviour CAFC. Cant we all just be friends.. after all you’re my second favourite team!

    peace out peeps MWAH x

  • Dave Macbeth

    Good to see Millwall fans maintaining the stereotype. Brilliant stuff.

  • Thomas Cox

    Don’t be like Dave….can’t we all just get along?