Peter Crouch to start at the World Cup? It’s a laughing matter

Posted by - March 4, 2010 - England, Football videos, Oddballs

World Cup contender sparks sniggers

After two goals against Egypt to add to his impressive international tally, you could forgive Peter Crouch for thinking he deserved a decent chance in the England side. But no – both the player and England coach Fabio Capello still find the idea of him being a regular England starter absolutely laughable.

  • Stratty

    To start what? The Trumpet Conga on the terraces?

  • Sixfooter

    It would be hard to find a bigger jerk on the football blogs, Than the obnoxious Man U fan Stratty

  • Jake Sandler

    Crouch is tougher to deal with on the int’l stage than Rooney. So many teams can shut down Rooney – ie.Egypt yesterday. Look at Crouch’ goalscoring record. His size is obviously something teams can’t deal with.

  • Ike

    I don’t have anything against him in particular, I just don’t think he can play football

  • Stroller

    Ironic isn’t it that he’s being kept out of his club side by a Russian with an attitude problem who wants away at the end of the season. I doubt his effectiveness against top flight international defenders though. England should optimise around Rooney as he plays for ManU which doesn’t require a second striker alongside.

  • Topspur

    Funny vid, but the comments, wow, crouchy can do a job for England, it’s all about chopping and changing, and Crouch will fit into that, could prove to be vital at some point as could Defoe. He’s had a decent season with Spurs, part of the reason their in 4th, and only reason he’s being kept out of Spurs side is because Pav is on fire, Crouch got injured, n Pav took his chance, Simple…. If we get to the semi’s and he scores against Brazil to put us in the final you same cocksockers will be the ones jumping up and down like a bunch of hypocritical clowns…Cant knock his record for England, you would think he was Pele with a National goal ratio like his… He would be on my plane, and in my team at some stage…Lanky 🙂 , but technically very good, and can find the net…

  • Joe

    Although the idea of bringing Crouch to create a height mismatch isn’t a bad idea, I think he lacks the physical strength to assert himself over a top quality central defender. If England want a big target, Heskey seems like he’d make more sense, if they want a more mobile option…Defoe. Either one paired with Rooney. I’d say a seat on the plane…but also a seat on the bench.