Phil Neville’s embarrassing U-S-A chant celebration

Posted by - March 8, 2010 - Everton, Football videos

Everton skipper’s shame-o-meter packs in

Sadly the TV cameras appear to have missed this cringeworthy celebration that David Brent would have been proud of (if he had made it as a footballer), but OTP has it on good authority from an Everton fan sat behind the goal during yesterday’s match against Hull that Phil Neville celebrated Landon Donovan’s goal by hugging his team-mate and chanting “U-S-A, U-S-A” at the Goodison Park crowd.

The cameras were in the right place for Neville from the point of view of him being able to ever live this down, but from the exuberant chant-like finger-pointing we can see from the back we will file this under the highly likely category!

  • drasl

    I liked it better when the Spurs fans sang USA, USA. Haha what a riot.

  • once a blue always a blue

    This is indeed correct… the cameras at the ground zoomed right into him chanting USA USA.

  • Azril Jailani

    sorry but i don’t get it…why is it embarrassing ?