Portsmouth offer fans financial advice

Posted by - March 2, 2010 - Oddballs, Portsmouth

Administrators’ first sale is Pompey’s irony detector

Cash-strapped Portsmouth are offering fans the chance to pay for financial advice from the club which has been run into the ground with crippling debts. Supporters wanting to experience the same frugality that got Pompey more than £70 million in the red can visit the new PFC Financial Services tab on the club’s website.

The website claims Portsmouth FC Financial Services “is a new arm to the club where our aim is to bring you some everyday financial products and solutions that our supporters and families have need for.”

Would-be Pompey owners can take out Portsmouth FC-branded credit cards to run up debts of their own. And, seemingly oblivious to the massive amount owed to HM Revenues and Customs, the banner advert on the site boasts: “Tax free savings for Pompey fans!”

Spotted on Mirror Football

  • http://www.therealmadridfan.com Tanuj @ The Real Madrid Fan

    Lol. Aah the irony. Maybe now Jose Mourinho will release an eBook on being humble.

  • Sam

    Funny one dick head

  • http://www.myoffside.com/ Ryan

    This is what football has become, sad.

  • Lawrence

    I think you’ll find that the financial services (credit cards etc) that you refer to are not directly run by Portsmouth FC itself but by a financial institution that pays royalties based on those who take up the cards. A common practice that even Man Utd, Chelski and others follow.

    As you’re obviously joining the “have a pop at Pompey” club, you’re better off going through the merchandise section and noting that Pompey have Sol Campbell photos on sale.

    I suppose we should be flattered your kind are so interested in our club….

  • Anonymous

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