Time for AC Milan squad to be pensioned off

Posted by - March 11, 2010 - Champions League, Italy, Ranting and Raving

Not-so golden oldies

Manchester United were superb last night. Wayne Rooney in particular was a real handful and unquestionably will be at the centre of any would-be English World Cup success in the summer (fingers crossed he stays fit!). But surely a few questions must be asked of an ageing AC Milan? The seven-time champions of Europe looked everything that their critics have said: old, disinterested and over the hill.

The key players didn’t turn up at all. Ronaldinho, a shadow of the man who was twice named World Player of the Year, was given a rough ride in the first 20 minutes by the equally seasoned Gary Neville and did little to back suggestions of a resurgence.

Andrea Pirlo looked tired and completely bereft of any hunger. As much as Sir Alex Ferguson praised Ji-Sung Park for his tireless marshalling of the Italian playmaker, a man of Pirlo’s standard and stature must stand up and be counted on big European nights like last night.

At least Fillipo Inzaghi, who is surely now in his mid-forties, looked keen (if permanently offside) when introduced. But that only showed up the heavy leggedness and lack of confidence in relative youngsters like Klaas-Jan Hunterlaar.

The Milanese outfit must do some sombre self-assessment. Admittedly their bright young hope Alex Pato was missing through injury, but for how long will Silvio Berlusconi continue to fund the wages of a collection of disinterested has-beens? To be honest, you have to seriously question any team that makes G-Nev look like a spring chicken!

  • Neil

    The average age of the Milan subs bench last night was 34. Speaks volumes…

  • bam!

    Gah…I’m a Milan fan & sadly agree completely. Whilst players such as Pirlo, Gattuso, Inzaghi, Zambrotta (though he didn’t play yesterday) can do the job (just about) in Serie A, in Europe it’s completely different…they need to at least be bringing replacements through for these players as very soon they won’t even be able to do the job in Serie A. They need new players in almost every area, goalkeeper definitely, defenders (at the very least fullbacks needed), like I said earlier midfielderes to at least start to bring in to replace Pirlo & co in the next few years & then finally (& I think most vitally) is a new striker. An absolute killer of a striker preferably, not someone that will set others up but a proper, regular goalscorer. So many matches this season Milan have created tons but never converted the chances (& sometimes conceding due to a complete lack of attackers coming back to help out the defence)

  • Joe

    It’s worth mentioning that Zambrotta, Nesta, and Pato were unavailable…but on the whole I agree…Milan looked a bit slow and their defense, uncharacteristically suspect. I thought they did at times string together some clever attacks, unfortunately the chances all seemed to fall to the impotent Huntelaar.

    However, I think with 2 or 3 shrewd purchases, a recovery could be made for next season.

  • bilby

    You mean uninterested, not ‘disinterested’.

  • Matty Dub

    No think disinterested is the correct term

  • steven

    I don’t think disinterested is the right term rather I’d want us to look at our lows from the tactical point.I’d also like to quote our president by saying “we have all it takes win every thing” yes we have the quality, the zeal/determination.our tactical options and sometimes the leadership are some of the things we should be looking at.

  • https://sites.google.com/site/golindoorsoccercenter/ Miguel

    I agree that a lot of the players for AC Milan are old, and at this particular game they did not perform. AC Milan was also missing some key players: Zambrotta, Nesta, and Pato. In this game I missed the passion of the Milan players. After the first goal instantly the heads of the players fell and it seemed like they no longer wanted to play. This may be the reason why they kept getting scored on and embarrassed. Although a lot of the players for AC Milan at one time were the best in the world at their positions (Ronaldinho, Pirlo), they no longer have the energy to play the 90 minutes and keep up with the Manchester players or style of play.