Top 10 conclusions Premier League weekend 27-28 February

Posted by - March 1, 2010 - Conclusions, Lists, Premier League

1. John Terry’s decision to show off his eye-catching new haircut during his big showdown with Wayne Bridge speaks volumes.

2. Fernando Torres’ return is a massive boost for Liverpool. They looked a far more potent threat against Blackburn, even if they did nearly have to make do with a draw.

3. Chelsea are going to miss Petr Cech big time.

4. Aaron Ramsey’s broken leg was a complete accident.

5. With number 4 in mind, Arsene Wenger should be more careful with his words.

6. Clarke Carlisle won’t be back on Countdown in a hurry if that’s the effect it has on his performance.

7. The Chelsea fans who booed Wayne Bridge are morons. What’s his supposed offence? Not sharing?

8. Ricardo Rocha is becoming Portsmouth’s red card specialist. If he gets docked wages for being sent-off, perhaps it is his way of helping the club out of administration.

9. Landon Donovan has been very impressive since arriving at Everton, much to some people’s surprise. His miss against Tottenham redressed the balance a little.

10. Sir Alex Ferguson is probably preparing a press conference speech questioning Chelsea’s bottle. I know I would be.

  • Joe

    Agree heavily with 3. and 7.

    3. I’ve previously questioned Hilario’s credentials…how can a team with CL ambitions have this clown as their back-up?? I can’t imagine Ross Turnbull being worse than that.

    7. It’s hard to find blame with Bridge, if you want to be mad at someone, it’s pretty obvious where the finger should be pointed.

  • Phil

    Disagree with number 4.

    There’s no way that Ryan Shawcross meant to break his Ramsey’s leg but it was a completely reckless challenge. Reckless challenges are not accidents, they are given red cards beacuse they can cause leg breaks as Ramsey & Shawcross are unfortunately now fully aware of.

  • Andy

    Agree with number 4. Everybody knows you go in hard against Arsenal because they arent going to fight back. Shawcross went in hard on a 50-50. Arsenal used to have players who could be dirty if needed, so is that a fault with Stoke (Birmingham, Bolton, etc) or Wenger?

  • Phil

    A response to Andy

    Just because the ball was there to be won in a 50-50, it doesn’t mean that Shawcross’s challenge wasn’t a red card. He lost the ball and in trying to retrieve the situation, he went into a tackle which was mistimed and reckless. And as I previously suggestd, these sorts of challenges not accidental and in turn their consequences aren’t accidental. These types of challenges were specifically outlawed by FIFA because they can cause injuries such as this. The game has become a much quicker one over the last decade or two and this is FIFA’s attempt to protect players.

  • Tujha_Kaka

    Reckless challenges are not accidents
    ..and he got only 3 match ban…
    and song got 2 match ban for pulling shirt…
    jerk officials are stupid people …..

  • Andy

    Maybe you can call it “reckless” maybe not. My point is that he went into the challenge at 100% because everyone knows thats how you play against Arsenal. To duck out of that tackle wasnt an option and if the ball was 12 inches closer to Shawcross he would have belted it into or over the stand. Its been talked about for at least a couple of years now, but Wenger refuses to counter it. Shawcross didnt leave his feet or go over the top so I dont think it qualifies as the type of challenge that FIFA doesnt like (compare to Nani tackle against Villa in the league game), he just put all his weight into a 50-50 that turned out to be a 49-51.

  • dallow

    retarded entry. sick of everyone focusing on whether shawcross went in intentionally or not. that’s not the issue, of course we know he wasn’t out to break anyone’s leg. the issue is why have arsenal suffered three broken legs in four years while no other prem team has had anything remotely similar happen to them. maybe two’s a coincidence, but by three it’s high time to take a closer look. seems to me that if you send players out there with carte blanche to wreak physical havoc, that’s the footballing equivalent of driving after four or five drinks—sure, you don’t mean to run over that old lady, but you’re a hell of a lot more likely to. no one wants to clamp down on the vitality of the english game, but at this rate it’s only a matter of time before anyone player (probably an arsenal player) is cut down again in the prime of his career in the name of some stupid outmoded macho imperative. it’s posts like this one that give the british football media is justifiably moronic reputation.

  • Keithbelfast

    “My point is that he went into the challenge at 100% because everyone knows thats how you play against Arsenal” – yes, Diaby, Eduardo and now Ramsey are well aware of ‘how you play against Arsenal’. Moron.