Video: Adam Johnson wipes snot on Anton Ferdinand

Posted by - March 23, 2010 - Manchester City, Oddballs, Sunderland

More Premier League grossness

Welcome to Snot Week on OTP. Or so it seems. Following our rumbling of Wayne Rooney picking his nose and wiping it on Darren Fletcher, OTP reader LOR got in touch to point out this equally disgusting moment from the previous week’s Premier League action.

Manchester City winger Adam Johnson’s late goal against Sunderland had clearly caused him to create a fair amount of phlegm but also sapped his energy. So much so that his half-hearted attempt to spit it out results in it dribbling down his face. The youngster quickly wipes his snotty face.

Cue a smiling handshake with Sunderland’s Anton Ferdinand using the same hand.