Video: Gary Caldwell’s red card or Stuart Attwell’s lie

Posted by - March 30, 2010 - Football videos, Manchester City, Wigan Athletic

Sure-fire FA fine

Wigan boss Roberto Martinez is almost certain to be receiving a letter from the FA over the next couple of days after accusing referee Stuart Attwell of lying.

He was unhappy with Attwell’s decision to red card defender Gary Caldwell for a challenge on Manchester City’s Carlos Tevez, who later won the match by bagging a hat-trick.

Martinez said: “We’re all human and make mistakes but to give a decision out of something you didn’t see – that’s lying.

“You’re making it up and that’s hard to take. He said he saw it clearly. If he could explain how he gave a red card then it would be different. He said he saw Gary Caldwell with both feet off the ground – that’s why he gave the red card.

“For the ref to say it’s a red card offence, it’s really hard to take. I’m not saying he’s a liar, I’m just saying it in relation to saying he saw Gary with both feet off the ground.”

In Attwell’s defence, not seeing things that DID happen is usually more his style.