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Video: Michael Brown tries to get Steven Gerrard in trouble

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  • Doug Kerr

    There was no reason at all for him to do that?

  • anton1r

    None at all as far as i can tell, now there’s a player going to the world cup solely on his name, Stevie G has been utter pants this season.

  • JayPee

    …on the other hand. I don’t see any reason for Mr. Brown to change his direction in an obstructive way raising his elbow himself. I’d say it’s a 50-50 call and I’m not even particularly fond of Capt. Gerrard myself.

  • Peter

    @JayPee – I agree. He doesn’t have to hit Brown, but Brown clearly looks up, changes direction, throws his arm at Steven … But that

  • Joe

    Brown looks like he’s trying to bar the way and Gerrard gives him a whack. Hard to feel too bad for Mr. Two-foot-tackle-over-top-of-the-ball though.

  • Neil

    Brown’s arm didn’t go any higher than Gerrard’s chest, Gerrard elbowed him in the back of the head!!!!

    Clearly he is just having sex with one of the higher ups in the FA…..

    By not getting punished, the FA are raping everyone else up the arse!!

  • Truth

    The author of this article is either retarded or lives in a bubble, mae both.

    Gerrard should of been sent off for that act of violence, would be up in court if he did that off the pitch

  • Rob

    Brown is just another Robbie Savage, can’t actually play football, dishes it out but can’t handle it back. Perhaps Gerrard was getting one back for Browns elbow into Alonso’s nose last year.

  • abc

    The autho is being sarcastic…

    Gerrard get’s away with everything.

  • abc


  • Neil

    @truth…… most articles on this site are written as sarcastic and satirical.

    And for all you people out there saying that Brown deserved it, that is completely irrelevant!!

    If one of Arsene’s kids had been elbowed like that, there would’ve been a national outcry!

  • Joe

    Neil…I see your point, I just don’t care if Michael Brown takes a shot or two considering how many reckless tackles he’s done over his career. I’d say the same for Ben Thatcher.

  • Mikael

    Had it been one of Arsene’s kids I think he should have gotten away with it.

  • Alex

    How can any of you defend Gerrard for what he did to Michael Brown, dont get me wrong i dont like Brown either he is a dirty player but Gerrard clearly elbowed him in the back of the head.

    He has to be punished for this and for his 2 finger salute to the ref, if this was anyone else they would get away with it

  • Joe

    Alex…agreed. I think we’re on the same page…not really defending Gerrard…just think Brown got a taste of what he’s dished out over the years.

    Unfortunately, Gerrard won’t be the last superstar to get away with something like that.

  • Dino Fierge

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