Video: Was this match from the weekend fixed?

Posted by - March 22, 2010 - Betting, Football videos, Italy

Dodgy goings on in Serie A

The Serie A match between Catania and Chievo, which many bookmakers stopped taking bets on amid fears it was being fixed, ended in the draw the unusual betting patterns had predicted. A huge £2million was staked on the relatively insignificant encounter ending with the scores level, while particularly savvy punters had put £217,000 on the game ending 1-1.

Lo and behold, the match did finish 1-1. David Williams, from Ladbrokes, told The Sun: “We saw a lot of money for the draw and decided to pull the plug.”

There is a few people who don’t come out of that video looking too clever in our opinion, but far be it for OTP to set itself up for a mafia hit cast aspersions.

And Gennaro Delvecchio’s attempts to conceal his identity were completely scuppered by the name on the back of his shirt!

  • Doug Kerr

    That dive was shocking.

  • Alex

    That dive was awful. BetAngel’s blog spotted there was something fishy about this game before it started and looks like they were proved right.

  • Barry

    Pelissier almost looked angry that he scored. I wonder if he celebrated Catania’s equaliser.