World Cup Songs: #1 Mowing The Lawn by B:army

Posted by - March 19, 2010 - England, World Cup Songs

South Africa tuneage

OTP has been spurred into action bringing you a rundown of some of the endless musical releases tied into this summer’s World Cup tournament when we received an email from Joe Baxter, the man behind B:army.

Some what cryptically, Joe tell us: “It’s in protest against all the world cup songs out there that actually mean something.”

So you can’t really offend him by telling him it is meaningless.

We’ll be putting all the World Cup songs to the OTP vote to get your verdict. So…

  • Webbie @ Football and Music

    (I’ve already started an England song knockout competition)

    This one is half decent. Doesn’t go down the obvious route.

  • Richard Eyre

    Have a listen to our track “Chant Like an English Fan” quite a catchy, dancable chant to spur on the England team this summer…!

  • bobwillis

    That was awful cant believe I wasted my time listening to that poor excuse of a song. FML

  • jill

    What fun! Don’t know if you have a hit on your hands boys, but I’ve heard a lot worse.

  • Paul (No1Fan)

    So bad it’s good!