Boy George reveals Nemanja Vidic fetish

Posted by - April 22, 2010 - Hard Tackle, Manchester United

Loving would be easy if Vidic was my Siamese twin

Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic has got a new admirer in the unlikely shape of pop star Boy George. The Culture Club singer revealed his secret love for Vidic when asked who he would most like to be his celebrity Siamese twin (Sony Ericsson flying in the face of political correctness it seems).

Without hesitation, George replied: “It would have to be Nemanja Vidic from Manchester United.”

He went on to state a preference for the Serbian centre-back to be attached to, well, the centre of his back. Although he does say he would like Vidic’s lower-half not to be conjoined for unspecified reasons.

The bit you want is 3mins into the interview.