England should be expecting World Cup semi-final after easy draw

Posted by - April 13, 2010 - Adverts and Commercial


Every England fan gave a huge sigh of relief when the World Cup draw was made in December. No England fan could honestly say they weren’t very happy to draw USA, Algeria and Slovenia. Admittedly USA are not bad, but England should still beat them fairly comfortably. What most fans still haven’t realised is how the rest of the World Cup 2010 draw has worked out for England is making the Three Lions the most popular team in the latest World Cup tips for the summer.

The major point of the draw is that Brazil and Spain, who are the two favourites in the World Cup betting along with England, can’t play Fabio Capello’s men until the World Cup semi-final and World Cup final respectively if both win their group as expected. This is dependent on England winning their group too, but that is almost assured. You must beat the best teams to win the World Cup, but you don’t necessarily have to play against them in every round.

Assuming England will come top of their group they will play the runners up in Group D. Germany should win that group, even if not at their best, so that will leave Ghana, Serbia and Australia as possible opponents. All decent sides but it would be a shock if England got eliminated by any of them.

In the quarter-final things will get tougher, but still not as tough as you might expect for a World Cup quarter-final. The bookies think it will be the France team that lost at home to Ireland in 90 minutes and picked up few points in qualifying away from home.

France are the worst case scenario in all of this. They could easily slip up in the group stage, coming second or failing to qualify. In that case, England’s quarter-final opponents could be Mexico, Nigeria or even hosts South Africa.

The semi-final is when the fun really starts. England will most likely come up against Brazil and then in the final it should be Spain who await England or Brazil. A tough finale but not impossible: England just need to perform at their best in two matches and they would be winning the World Cup.

Just a dream at the moment, but very hopefully a reality in just a few months.

  • Joe

    Doesn’t England still have to face Germany at some point even if they both win their groups?

  • Sam

    Keep in mind us yanks we’re equally pleased to have drawn England.

    We’ll be making a statement by absolutely dominating every part of the game in the opener.. and then we’ll eventually get knocked out by Ghana, because that’s what we do best!

  • http://www.weddingsinpuertorico.org Kyle

    You really sort things out..nice article… Anyway, I also agree with you.. this is the best chance of england to win their second world cup. Having not so good opponents gave england the advantage because they have a lot of world class players in their squad. But the ball is round, and everything happens in football…if england plays well and along with some luck, no doubt they’ll win the world cup… spain and brazil also are good team… but i’ll go for england…i hope beckham can still play… his experience will help a lot…

  • http://www.worldcupscoop.com DACIA

    Portugal what a crazy game!

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