Lionel Messi even winks better than Cristiano Ronaldo

Posted by - April 14, 2010 - Football videos

You can wink a winker

Lionel Messi managed to destroy Cristiano Ronaldo’s self-confidence even before Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 2-0 in El Clasico at the weekend. The Argentine offered a pre-match wink to football’s most famous winker, as if to say ‘I’m the biggest winker on this pitch’.

And so it proved. There is no footage of a post-match ‘you’ve been had’ wink, but we would like to think there was one.

Spotted on Dirty Tackle

  • Naser

    You people need to get a life, and just bc messi scored does not mean he is better .. Credit goes to xavi and his out of world passing.. Leave the guy alone, just bc ur girl likes him dont make you hate him.

  • Joe

    Does this post really outrage you Naser?

    One of the most likeable things about Messi is that, despite his brilliant performances, he never seems to take himself too seriously, maybe you could learn from this.

  • jasper

    well said joe. well said.

  • khali

    i know rite. Messi is away better player than C Ronaldo even though i also support him too

  • Naser

    what is that even supposed to mean? take him serisouly?