Man City’s Jo arrested in Turkey for yet more partying

Posted by - April 1, 2010 - Manchester City, Oddballs

Nuisance neighbour nicked

On-loan Galatasaray striker Jo didn’t take heed of his neighbours’ warnings about involving the police over his constant noisy parties. The Manchester City player continued his grand tradition of hosting a party almost every night since arriving in Turkey unperturbed that his behaviour had already been reported to the Old Bill.

After more complaints from residents in the Brazilian’s apartment block, police turned up to arrest him. He was only spared a night in the cells when Galatasaray translator Mert Cetin paid a flying visit to convince the neighbours to drop their complaints.

Police say they received complaints about loud music at 3am. The footballer and his friends Thiago Estevan, Perreira Silva and Marcio Carneiro were arrested before the complaints were withdrawn.

The former Everton man was being offered commiserations by friends and girlfriends following a defeat earlier in the day.

Thanks to OTP reader Ulaş Gürşat for the tip.

  • Total man city

    Jo is a joke couldn’t cut it in the prem now we see why another brazil nut all gone wrong has a chance at the big time now going to end his days dumped from the top tier because he believes people at top clubs will stand for this crap back to brazil with you were you may just matter in your own head waste of talent and waste of a 1 in a million chance of big things

  • Erik in the States

    You can see the lad has natural ability but he is freaking stupid. He has been given three chances to prove himself since landing the big contract with city but hasnt’ learned that he needs to take footballing serious. He has the talent to be great but if his head is all foggy form partying everynight like a fool, then he will jsut be another lazy arse Brazilian flop. How come the Argentines tend to have such a better work ethic than their South American neighbors? Robinho, Elano, Ronaldo, ronaldiho to some extent and Jo… all national team players with fantastic talent but some of the laziest players for their club that I have ever seen…. Makes me nearly puke to know how much money they get paid to fek off….. tossers all…. Sylvinho, Maicon, Lousio, Pato are all hard workers I must say, but man for man, I think the work rate of players like Messi, Tevez, Zabeleta put them to shame too. If Jo turns back up at City, I am going to throw a fit….. Partying to consol him after a loss? He should be getting some rest so he can go out in training the next day and actually work on his freaking game…. Tosser.