Pep Guardiola: ‘Arsenal uncompetitive and Arsene Wenger not a good coach’

Posted by - April 20, 2010 - Arsenal, Champions League, Italy

Read between the lines

Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola has taken an inadvertent swipe at Arsenal and Arsene Wenger ahead of his side’s Champions League semi-final clash with Inter Milan.

The Gunners were the – probably unintended – victims of Guardiola’s mind-games with Jose Mourinho as the Barca boss effectively said that Arsenal were not as competitive as Inter and that they would not be able to create as many chances against the Italian side because they have a very good coach.

Guardiola said: “I think we played two very good games in the quarter-finals against Arsenal and we are going to try and keep this level.

“I would like us to create the same chances, but I don’t think so because they are very competitive and have a very good coach, but we will try.”

So Arsenal were not very competitive and don’t have a very good coach?

  • The Fan

    glad i aint the only one who thought this was another pathetic attempt to create a story.

  • Mohumed

    Much as i concur to certain degrii,pep shouldn’t compare arsenal with inta coz i dn’t undastand how he quantifies competiveness.

  • feeny

    last time i ever vist this website – trying to create a story out of nothing

  • anders

    Wow! I know newsnow is filled up with a lot of bullshit, but this…. Wow. Best football blog on the planet, indeed.

  • Top C at

    doesnt take a genius to work that out, Arsenal are not competitive because theyve got a shit big mouthed liar of a manager and a team of overrated gutless clowns who shit themselves every time the pressure comes on.

  • Danno

    Great bit of editorial journalism… I am of course referring to the comments below this article.

  • Benj

    Rob Parker, you should be ashamed of yourself.
    I will never revisit this site and if I ever see your name on an article, I will completely ignore any content contained within.
    You are scum.
    Pep has the utmost respect for Arsene and his Arsenal, he has stated that multiple times.
    Visca el Barca, Visca el Pep.

  • Arsenal fan

    u’r stand on what frank richard done & it’s better to be silent b/c of u’r defeated by inter & Arsene wenger is not the one like u if he spend a lot on transfer.
    bye bye barca from champions league.

  • Edmund Simpson

    Okay you duped me into visiting this site once – and for the very last time.
    Does someone actually pay you for traducing and distorting the facts and fabricating such garbage. You know if I had to do this everyday I’d think I’d just top myself.
    Get a real job, moron.

  • Faby

    Congrats; you get soooooooo many clicks.

  • Steve

    I’m afraid you’ve made some rather large logical leaps there son… You know those little quotation marks (they look like this ” “) – those mean that the person actually said the words in between the two little marks.

  • Doug Kerr


    Oh man, all the goon fans going crazy. Have you ever read any of the other posts on OTP? Its supposed to be funny. Get a sense of humour. Idiots.

  • jill

    Well said Doug Kerr, there are at least a few of us with a sense of humour!