Thiago Motta foresees his own downfall

Posted by - April 28, 2010 - Champions League, Football videos, Italy, Oddballs

Red-carded player’s press conference predictions

Inter Milan’s Thiago Motta was on press conference duty yesterday ahead of tonight’s Champions League semi-final second leg clash against his former club Barcelona. Among his comments, Motta had this to say: “I watch Barcelona on television and see the players diving, but the important thing for us to do is step on to the field with a cool head and help the referee.”

That is why, 28 minutes into the match, Motta and his cool head decided to thrust his palm into the face of Sergio Busquets right in front of the referee. Being a diving Barcelona player, Busquets had no problem in going down and watching Motta pick up a red card.

  • Khaledbarcelona

    lol u have to mention that Motta didn’t get a direct red card for this, he was already on yellow, this was his 2nd yellow, resulting in a red card !!!