Top 10 Premier League Georges

Posted by - April 23, 2010 - Lists, Premier League

It’s St George’s Day after all

1. George Ndah
George Ndah dragon.

2. Georgi Hristov
Hardly a George to bring out the best in English national pride (see video above).

3. George McCartney
A solid performer for both Sunderland and West Ham.

4. Finidi George
Ah, a commentating dilemma from the past: Finidi George or George Finidi?

5. George Elokobi
The Wolves man is one of three current Premier League Georges in the list.

6. George Boateng
A great Premier League George. The Dutchman has clocked up more than 300 appearances for four clubs.

7. Georgi Kinkladlaze
All the runs he made were winding.

8. Georgios Georgiadis
So much of a George they named the ex-Newcastle man twice.

9. George Weah
His true dragon-slaying days were probably behind him when he turned out for Chelsea and Manchester City, but still a great George.

10. Georgios Samaras
Imagine George had worked really hard to slay the dragon but kept dropping his sword when he got a sight of him. A neat analogy for the Greek striker’s pretty hopeless stint at Manchester City.

  • jill

    What about the greatest George ever? …..George Best

  • Patrick

    Georgi Kinkladze****