Video: German youth team attempts crazy anti-football tactics

Posted by - April 16, 2010 - Football videos, Germany

Goodbye, German ruthless efficiency stereotype

A German youth team brought tactics from the Roman Empire onto the football pitch when they unveiled their new kick-off routine. The shildkrotentaktik, or turtle tactic, involved most of the team’s players forming a defensive barrier around the player in possession and attempting to edge up the pitch.

The turtle was soon stopped in its tracks by the referee, who probably envisaged a particularly dull match.

Spotted on Dirty Tackle

  • Tujha_Kaka

    what could they do..
    they had scored 6 goals!!

  • abc

    It’s unsporting behaviour I think. During Euro 2008 there was an advert (for McDonalds or Burger King or something) which showed a team surrounding the ball like that and it was stated on a BBC Blog, by Graham Poll I think it was, that it would be considered unsporting bheaviour to do so. I’m not sure about this though, it was almost two years ago.

  • Mirco

    lol, I always wondered what would happen when all players started protecting their own goal… just standing in a row blocking shots from the other team