Wayne Rooney take thinly-veiled pop at Liverpool

Posted by - April 26, 2010 - Chelsea, Europa League, Liverpool, Manchester United

Wazza starts mind games Fergie would be proud of

Wayne Rooney took the opportunity to pay Liverpool a backhanded compliment as he was named PFA player of the year last night. The Manchester United star was questioned on his side’s reliance on Liverpool getting something against Chelsea next week.

Rooney managed to squeeze in a bit of reverse psychology and humour in his response.

He said: “I’m sure Liverpool will want to beat Chelsea. The pride they’ve got and the history they’ve got, I’m sure they’ll want to win that game. They are fighting to get into the Europa League.”

Ouch! The jury is out on whether that will have the desired effect, Wayne.

  • Ronin2009

    I love the way the manc’s have twisted qoutes around then actually believe them
    the qoute was “They are fighting for the Europa League.” NOT “They are fighting to get into the Europa League.” big difference